cdk init



mkdir cdk-workshop && cd cdk-workshop

cdk init

新しいPython用のCDKプロジェクトをcdk initコマンドを実行することで作成します。

cdk init sample-app --language python


Applying project template sample-app for python
Initializing a new git repository...
Executing Creating virtualenv...

# Welcome to your CDK Python project!

You should explore the contents of this template. It demonstrates a CDK app with two instances of
a stack (`HelloStack`) which also uses a user-defined construct (`HelloConstruct`).

The `cdk.json` file tells the CDK Toolkit how to execute your app.

This project is set up like a standard Python project.  The initialization process also creates
a virtualenv within this project, stored under the .env directory.  To create the virtualenv 
it assumes that there is a `python3` executable in your path with access to the `venv` package.
If for any reason the automatic creation of the virtualenv fails, you can create the virtualenv
manually once the init process completes.

To manually create a virtualenv on MacOS and Linux:

$ python3 -m venv .env

After the init process completes and the virtualenv is created, you can use the following
step to activate your virtualenv.

$ source .env/bin/activate

If you are a Windows platform, you would activate the virtualenv like this:

% .env\Scripts\activate.bat

Once the virtualenv is activated, you can install the required dependencies.

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

At this point you can now synthesize the CloudFormation template for this code.

$ cdk synth

You can now begin exploring the source code, contained in the hello directory.
There is also a very trivial test included that can be run like this:

$ pytest

To add additional dependencies, for example other CDK libraries, just add to
your requirements.txt file and rerun the `pip install -r requirements.txt`

# Useful commands

 * `cdk ls`          list all stacks in the app
 * `cdk synth`       emits the synthesized CloudFormation template
 * `cdk deploy`      deploy this stack to your default AWS account/region
 * `cdk diff`        compare deployed stack with current state
 * `cdk docs`        open CDK documentation